Investment 2: Urban regeneration projects

Materializing the Routes of Water 2: Design and development of urban regeneration projects and infrastructure. Promoting and connecting the heritage with the water element in the urban area.

The main goal of the Investment is to promote and connect the two linear water routes crossing the area: the cultural monument of Hadrian Aqueduct (ancient underground technical work) with the natural surface stream of Halandri. The intervention concerns the regeneration/requalification of the immediate public area [surrounding to the monument], the accessibility of the monument, as well as some other distinct areas – “Water Nodes”. More specifically, the Investment includes:

– Upgrade and Regeneration of the immediate surface area of Hadrian’s Aqueduct, Reservoir and Roman wells (surface of about 3.700 sq.m). The intervention includes landscaping works, improvement of public space, installation of urban equipment, planting, improvements of pedestrian access/connections, valorization of the monument etc.

– Regeneration of the Hadrian Aqueduct making it accessible -under conditions- to visitors.

– Regeneration and valorisation of the water banks of Halandri Stream and connections with the Municipalities central areas through Gyftopoulou street (surface of about 4.500 sq.m). This intervention includes the development of trekking trail/pedestrian path, landscaping of the area, pedestrian access routes, lighting etc.

– three additional interventions in the proposed “Water Nodes” of a total surface of 6000 sq.m. as a part of Project’s Concept.

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