Investment 1: water infrastructure

Materializing the Routes of Water 1: Hadrian Aqueduct’s Water Supply System for the Project Community

The investment includes the design, construction and operation of an urban network of non-potable water (the first in Athens metropolis). It is a system containing 2 pumps, 5 km. of pipe network (DN110 & DN63), 100 smart meters in total for potable and non-potable water consumption and 2 water hydrants supplying water tank trucks. The system will serve the project’s community within 1km (max) from 2 existing roman wells of the active aqueduct. The 1st point is on El Alamein Str., next to the inactive roman reservoir. The 2nd point is at Kodrou & Eth.Antistaseos Street ~1,5 km. southward from the point 1. Based on present data, the network site is a residential area with estimated needs of 30.000 cub. m./year of water for irrigation of municipal and private parks and gardens. Community members outside the network’s range, serviced by Hadrian Aqueduct through the water tank trunk will also receive smart meters. Laying the network is the most expensive part.

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