Community Building

Hadrian’s Aqueduct as a Community Network: Planning for and with Communities

The three implementation WPs (nr. 4, 5 and 6) work in parallel and complement each other. At the same time, they provide the basis for the investment WP (nr. 7). The aim of WP6 is to define, build and work with the community(or communities) that will benefit from the innovations of this project. The project, at this stage, aims to implement and promote participatory and community-building methods, moving towards more complex and long-term engagement of different and heterogeneous stakeholders throughout larger “ecologies” of social and cultural transformation. It will introduce innovative concepts and processes to the network of communities that will help them benefit from the project not only during its lifetime, but on a strategic and long-term basis. Furthermore, there will be gathering of data and knowledge, creation of best-practices tools and development of innovative guides and online tools for facilitating the participatory decision-making processes and the community building. OP, due to its practical expertise in community building will guide the WP in close collaboration with MoH.

Partner Responsible: Urban Dig Project


  • Forming a HIDRANT Community
  • Community Engagement in HIDRANT’s vision
  • Constitution of an informal community of Water Solidarity Economy (WSE)


  • HIDRANT Community Building Strategy
  • HIDRANT’s community launch event
  • The Model of Function of the WSE Community
  • Solidarity Water Economy Community
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