Communication Managment

MoH will be responsible for the communication activities of the project. MoH will have the responsibility of assuring the accomplishment of the strategic dissemination plan. All the other partners will be actively involved. The strategic dissemination plan is the core of all the communication activities. It will be implemented since the preparation phase of the project and go beyond the project lifetime. The project’s communication will gather efforts from the very beginning of the project in order to involve all partners, identify all relevant stakeholders and target groups on time and guarantee the project’s high impact and sustainability. Those are characterized by using face-to-face and two-way communication channels. At the same time, communication activities are fully integrated into all implementation & investment WPs of the project. This is why it involves all members of the partnership as well as several stakeholders. Its purpose is not only to communicate projects results but also to inform the target groups on the opportunities brought by the project. In particular, coordination within communication WP will be organized as follows :

– Development of the strategic dissemination plan that sets the communication guidelines;

– Design and development of all publications, digital activities, public events and promotional material;

– Guarantee all the resources recruited for the proper implementation of the communication activities.

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